Improving individual performance

I work with a number of individuals as a coach/ mentor/ ‘critical friend’.  

This can be formally, in booked one-to-one sessions, or informally as I work on issues with them and challenge their thinking and behaviours. 

Mentoring in improving organisational culture

“In addition to the coaching, Sarah’s academic knowledge and practical experience has been invaluable to me in the suggestions she makes as to things I might find helpful to think about or use as part of my approach”

Ruth James, Communications Manager, SouthWestOne

"My manager is very supportive of my engagement with Sarah as he sees the benefits to me and the organisation of using her. I always feel revitalised when l reflect on my sessions with her; she enables me to focus on my work plan, determine what really matters and find solutions on how the key issues need to be addressed.  She is a very good listener and has the knack of making pertinent suggestions that help me to think 'outside the box'.”

Trevor Jennings, Risk Manager, Lloyd’s Property Services

Increasing personal effectiveness and confidence

“I have worked with Sarah over the past nine years and have valued the insight she has given me in better understanding organisational behaviour and effective business leadership.  Sarah has provided me with sound advice, expert knowledge and has been a great sounding board as my career has progressed.”

Neal Stone, Director Policy & Research, British Safety Council

“With Sarah’s guidance I removed the glass ceiling I had built on my career and now have the confidence to challenge those around me.”

“She never passed judgement on me and never forced her ideas on me - she just made me find the answers that I already had but didn’t know it”

Joanna Harris, Head of Facilities Management, BSRIA

“Sarah helped me understand the context of the issues I was dealing with and, by challenging my views, helped me realise how others could perceive them. Her work has helped me manage difficult work relationships in a more rational and balanced way”

Fabio Spaliviero, Project Manager, Black & Veatch