My approach

My approach is to work with you to understand and articulate what is currently working well for you, and for people in your organisation. With this knowledge I suggest possible interventions to deliver the behavioural changes you want. Then work with you, evolving the ideas into something that you are confident will work in your organisation.  

You will benefit from an approach that will be uniquely tailored to you, your needs, and your circumstances. This will be is based on well-established theoretical principles and change approaches.  Where possible, it will fit within existing or planned programmes and activities already happening within your organisation to minimise ‘initiative overload’.

I can provide support to you only, or to a number of people in your organisation.  I will work as a coach, facilitator, mentor, trainer, consultant, ‘critical friend' or researcher. 

I don’t mind what you call what I do; what is important to me is that I am as helpful to you as I can be in achieving the changes you want.

While I am well-known in the area of improving safety performance, following research I did for the British Safety Council in 2008, I aim to enable ‘sustainable performance’ - sustainable for the people doing the work and sustained (consistently good) for the organisation they do it for.